I have both the Italian and the Japanese 1st-grade architect licenses and possess the necessary skills to manage architectural projects smoothly without delays or unexpected costs.

After 20 years of full immersion in the Japanese market, I feel it is time to capitalize on my international background and, by acting as a “bridge” between cultures, contribute to the success of international brands in Japan as well as of the globally minded Japanese.

1971 Born in Torino (Italy)

1993 Exchange program at Aarhus School of Architecture (Denmark)

1994 Oxford Brooks University (UK) – graduate Joint Center for Urban Design

1995 Torino Polytechnic (Italy) graduate faculty of Architecture

1996 Torino Polytechnic (Italy) assistant professor

1996 -now Torino (Italy) Collaboration with Silvana Giovannini – Studio UNO s.a.s.

1996-1998 New York (USA) Project manager at Berzak Gold Architecture

1998-2001 Kobe (Japan) Junior architect at Team Zoo Iruka Sekkei Shudan

2001-now Development and sales of Italian furniture/construction materials

2003-now Establishment of YK dodici dodici & first class registered architect office studio dodici

2009-now Establishment of Bartok design Japan KK for design, production, and export of traditional Japanese bathtubs and lumber products

2021-now Professor at Osaka Polytechnic, course of “fundaments of drawing”