The “Ponte Vecchio” in Firenze is both a means of connecting the two sides of the river while being a building, a tool for creation and commerce itself.

Like the Ponte Vecchio, in my life and work, I aim at creating and connecting.

  1. Create!
    In the present consumerist society, there are more people using than people creating.
    But men have been given the divine ability to “give birth” to ideas and items.
    my work is just a droplet in the ocean but I strive to give shape to ideas that can contribute to making the world more unique, more interesting, and more diverse.
  2. Connect!
    On the footprints of Marco Polo… and for the sake of cultural exchange, I enjoy giving shape to products that people are looking for, even if they still do not know!
    A bridge is just a tool but it is fundamental in enabling people to connect to others and to find the way toward the realization of their dreams.